After reading many articles and watching several videos about blackjack and how to play it with my friends. I realized that learning this game would only be possible through practice, asking questions and share my knowledge with advanced players.

In this post, I will try to share my basic knowledge with beginners. We will explore how to play blackjack based on my little understanding. Maybe my simple explanation will help them to know the blackjack fundamentals. I rely on you guys to add any additional info if needed. So let’s begin!

How Does Blackjack Work: The Basic Rules

The blackjack dealer sits in front of players and dispatches cards to them. He can also explain some points about the game. To start, the players need to put their participation on the table.

Let’s assume I’m playing with the red T-shirt, and my friend with the blue T-shirt. Both of us will participate with a chip of 10. The dealer gives two cards face up to us and gives himself one card face up and one face down.

To win, I will try to collect a total close to 21 or, why not, a blackjack (A blackjack is when you get 21 from your first two cards).

My Turn:

I have only 10 points from my first two cards (7+3), so I need more points to get close to 21.

I will ask the dealer for a third card. The dealer will give me a 9, which means I have 9+7+3 cards (18 points). My turn is up.

My Friend’s Turn:

Now it’s my friend’s turn. His first two cards were 2+K(10) which means a total of 12. Then, he asks the dealer for a third card just like I did to see if he can get a valuable card.

Good! He got an AS; and as you may know, an AS card can be 1 or 11. Let’s consider his AS as 11; my friend will automatically lose the game since his total will be more than 21 (2+k(10)+ AS(11)=23). This is why the AS will be counted as 1, so he can stay in the game.

The question is, can he ask for a fourth card? YES he can!

My friend asked the dealer for a fourth card and got a 6. So if we count the total in his hand, we will find 19 (2+k(10)+ AS(1)+6). The situation has now changed in his favor.

The Dealer’s Turn:

The dealer will reveal his hidden card (a 5) but still has a total of 13 which means he will take a third card as long as his total is less than 17.

His third card is a Q(10). Obviously, he has a hand of 8+5+Q(10), a total of 23. And this latter makes him out of the competition.

Finally, the dealer will reward us with two chips of 10, one for me and one for my friend.


This is all about the basic rules for playing blackjack. I hope I can make you love blackjack with my simple explanation. I’m still exploring this world myself, but if you need any advice, I’m here to help you out.

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